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How ‘Single’s Inferno’ should have been

Whilst I did enjoy the Korean dating show ‘Single’s Inferno,’ I do feel that there are things that I would have done differently, if I were the one in charge of producing the show. Having also watched the reality dating show ‘Heart Signal,’ I thought it would be fun to come up with my own dating show, so here it is! Presenting…

…’L is for Love’! (Admittedly, I haven’t spent quite as long thinking about the name as the show itself…the name is subject to change 😂)

And this is how it would work:

Firstly, I would have all the participants/contestants arriving at the same time, so that they would have equal chance of getting to know people. If they don’t arrive on the same day, I would say at least have them arrive within the next two days, rather than a lot later, as otherwise, it really is a lot harder to mix with the others. The rule about not revealing age and occupation on the first day can stay, but I prefer it in ‘Heart Signal,’ where everyone finds out at the same time, than in ‘Single’s Inferno,’ where they only learn about someone’s occupation if they go on a date together. I also think it’s good for the people to continue going to work, otherwise they wouldn’t really be able to stay in the shared accommodation for long.

In terms of accommodation, I would have the participants staying in a beautiful house like ‘Heart Signal,’ with lots of common spaces for people to hang around in. I really love how aesthetic the houses are in ‘Heart Signal,’ and the shared spaces. I think there could be some board games to help break the ice – in one season the participants played Jenga. The house would be on a sort of farm, like in the show ‘Little Forest,’ where there was a vegetable garden and chickens.

Then, if we were going along with the idea of having to ‘work’ for a date or compete for a date opportunity, which was the case in ‘Single’s Inferno,’ I would have people randomly pairing up to complete a task of some sort. Maybe this could be done through the commonly done way of picking an item and being paired up with the owner of the item.

The task could be something simple, like a three-legged race, or something involving more problem solving and working together. The pair that does it first or does it the best is given the opportunity to go on a nice date, for example, they get to do a pottery session together, with a dinner planned for them. The pair that comes second has to cook dinner for themselves and the other pair, and the pair that comes last have to have some sort of ‘punishment.’ Since it’s set on a farm, maybe they have to dig up the vegetables ready for dinner, or collect chicken eggs in the morning. This provides them with an opportunity to bond, but not through a typical date. The farm setting makes me think an alternative name for this show could be ‘Digging for Love.’

The idea of these tasks and ‘punishments’ is that you get to find out how well you work with someone, how someone reacts to losing etc. The pairs who don’t win will also get to experience what it would be like to live and go through ‘hard times’ with someone, although obviously, it won’t be a really horrible situation 😂

The next day, the participants will be randomly paired up again and need to complete another task, with similar consequences to the first round. I quite like how there’s the anticipation of not knowing who your partner is going to be, so maybe one of the activities could be orienteering, and so one person in each pair waits at different start points for the other person to arrive.

After maybe three tasks, either the women or the men get a chance to ask someone out on a date (the person who asks gets to choose the destination and activity) and one person can go on more than one date, if they’ve been asked by multiple people. The same then happens for the other gender, a day or two later, so they’ve had a chance to think it through and decide who they want to choose, based on the previous date.

I do like the little discussions on love and dating that the panellists have in ‘Heart Signal’ (at least, in the Chinese ‘Heart Signal’ – I can’t remember whether they had that in the Korean one as much), but the chatting can disrupt the flow of the show a bit. I do find myself wanting to whizz some of it because I want to see more of the interactions between the participants. Therefore, for my ideal dating show, I would have it more like ‘Single’s Inferno,’ where there are panellists to comment on what’s going on, but they don’t talk for as long.

At the same time though, I felt like there wasn’t that much everyday interactions between the participants in ‘Single’s Inferno’ – I’m not sure where all the time in the day/each episode went, but I felt like the time they spent with one another was really limited, outside of the official dates. I guess part of it is that the episodes are shorter in ‘Single’s Inferno,’ compared to ‘Heart Signal,’ and there are also less episodes. In my ideal dating show, I would want to see more of these everyday interactions.

I think the participants should send messages to a person of their choice each night/every few nights, but again, not to have the panellists spend so long guessing who the people were going to write to. In ‘Heart Signal,’ the panellists need to guess correctly to win gems, but I prefer the way it worked on ‘Single’s Inferno,’ where there was only a brief discussion of who they thought the messages were going to.

I also liked how postcards were written, rather than text messages, as it’s more personal, although I guess you would start to recognise handwriting and know whether it was the same person who wrote to you, so maybe only handwritten messages for the first and last time. I don’t like how, in ‘Heart Signal,’ towards the end, participants send texts to one another but they don’t get read. It seems pointless and creates room for misunderstandings, so I wouldn’t want that in my version of the show.

Another thing that I would make different to the shows that I watched is that I want it so that everyone can have a choice to not choose anyone, at the end. Whilst every season of ‘Heart Signal’ that I watched, all the participants seemed to be interested in someone, I think it makes sense to have an option to not choose anyone. To take it a step further, maybe there’s an option to pick someone, to show that you like them the best, but not that you want to instantly become a couple with them, but maybe that would seem a bit odd, for a dating show.

What do you think of my dating show? 😂 Would you watch it or even go on it? What changes or things would you add? Let me know in the comments! Also, if anyone knows someone who’s looking for reality show ideas then please let them know I’m here! 😆

12 thoughts on “How ‘Single’s Inferno’ should have been”

  1. I haven’t watched Single’s Inferno or Heart Signal yet, but I’m definitely intrigued! Your dating show sounds really good! I like the concept of some couples having to go through unpleasant tasks like digging up vegetables to see how well they can work together.

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