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Love All Play – Thoughts Ep.1-4

I’m a little bit late to the party, but I’ve finally started watching ‘Love All Play.’

In one sentence: A fun drama so far, good chemistry between the leads, easy to watch πŸ™‚

Park Tae Yang was a badminton child prodigy, but was forced to leave the court behind, three years ago, supposedly due to bribing allegations. She now returns to the sport, joining a team that does not welcome her. Tae Yang re-encounters Park Tae Joon, who was the person who led her to start playing badminton in the first place and the two become doubles partners.

Episode 1 thoughts:

I’ve only watched one episode so far and I would say I’m fairly into it. When Park Tae Yang and Park Tae Joon say to each other, ‘I’ve rooted for you since I was 12,’ I couldn’t help but think of our Heejin couple from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One.’ It seems like it won’t be a super slow burn couple as we’re already seeing lots of interactions between the two leads.

After watching Episode 4:

Okay, maybe it will be slightly slow burn? I need to remind myself that it’s probably more realistic that they don’t jump straight into a relationship haha πŸ˜… I am curious actually – did they only have that one encounter with each other when they were younger or did they see each other again?

Maybe the drama is just on my mind, but I do see similarities between the main leads here and Hee-do and Yi-Jin from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One.’ It’s how both couples support and encourage each other, whilst keeping a distance, to an extent. Both couples also see the potential in each other when no-one else can. They even share a love of water fountains! πŸ˜‚

I feel like a happy ending (by which I mean the leads end up together) is more likely to happen in this drama though, than ‘Twenty-Five.’ Fingers-crossed anyway, as I am really liking this pairing. I’m a huge fan of when couples work together in dramas, not literally necessarily – although they do in this case – but in the sense that they feel like a team. I’m also glad that it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a love triangle, which I initially thought there would be. It’s so nice to see all the little things that Tae Joon does for Tae Yang, without her knowing necessarily. It’s a little bit one way at the moment, but I think it’s because Tae Yang is more obviously needing help and she is too occupied with her own problems, whilst Tae Joon seems fine on the surface.

The people in the badminton team at Yunis are so childish, and it’s annoying when Tae Yang lets them get their way. I guess it’s because she feels bad about herself and she doesn’t feel like there’s anything that she can do. It’s strange because most of the people there don’t even have a proper reason to dislike her. Not saying Jung Hwan should be mean to Tae Yang, but I can understand him a bit more.

On the topic of Jung Hwan, I was a bit confused about his character. Is he supposed to be a bad character? After watching a bit more though, it seems that he is just a bit self-centred and hung up on the past, but he is supposed to be a good person overall.

Something silly – I only noticed in the last episode that the whole time I’ve been thinking that Jun Young was Yeong Sim. I did think that they looked like two different people, but because of the storyline – the way Tae Yang said, ‘You used to like me,’ to Yeong Sim and the happy flashbacks of Tae Yang and Jun Young – I thought they were the same people. Also, I’m terrible at recognising faces, so it didn’t fully register for me that they were different people. Anyway, I now feel like I need to re-watch everything to make sense of it all. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Other thoughts:

  • After watching several dramas involving sports, I feel that coaches only know how to show tough love, if they show any love at all. Curious to know if it’s like that in real life too – people who play sports, please let me know!
  • I actually laughed out loud at the scene where Tae Joon snatched the blanket away from Jung Hwan.
  • I didn’t realise before, but it has an alternative title, ‘Going to You at a Speed of 493 km,’ which I think is quite a cute name – 493 km refers to the unofficial record of the speed of a shuttlecock.

Are you watching ‘Love All Play’? If you are, are you enjoying it? Do you like sports dramas? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

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